Why do I need birdpen® or birdsticker®?

Bird strikes are one of the most frequent death causes or cause severe injury for birds. Visible markings on the window are often not practical or aesthetically pleasing. The birdpen® and birdsticker® provide nearly invisible protection. Thus, a high protection can be ensured with minimal optical impairment.

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Why can birds see the markings and humans can't?

Our products are produced with a special procedure using the different perception of the human and bird eye. That birds see in another wave spectrum is a scientific proven fact that is described in scientific publications (spider web effect). None the less bird strikes are a very complex and multifactorial issue. Not only the surrounding and light conditions but also the time of year and surrounding reflection on window panes play a major role. Entirely transparent systems have physical limitations, meaning not all accidents can be prevented.

What is better birdpen® or birdsticker®?

birdpen® and birdsticker® (highly transparent stickers) are based on the same principle. This explains the similar effectiveness. The handling makes all the difference. The birdpen® has been developed for the private sector with small window surfaces and lasts for about 10m². We recommend applying a vertical strip pattern with 10cm spaces. With dirt and aging the applied pattern becomes visible over time. With the periodical window cleaning, about 3 – 6 months, the lines should be removed and reapplied. The developed birdsticker® shows better results with reflecting surfaces (applied from the outside!). The application has to be done in a surface covering pattern (about 8 – 10 cm between the sides – visible frame, muntins, etc. – and between the stickers). As they are very durable, they last for many years. The windows can still be cleaned with mild cleaners.

Should the marking be applied from the inside or outside?

Both the birdpen® and birdsticker® should be applied from the side of approach, most of the time this is outside.


What exactly is the birdpen®?

The birdpen® is a very effective and almost invisible protection against bird strikes on glass surfaces. It comes in the form of a felt-tip.

How do you apply the pattern with the birdpen®?

Applying the birdpen® is very easy. With the felt-tip you can draw a pattern on the glass surface. It has been shown that the most effective way it to draw vertical lines within a distance of 8 to 10 cm of each other.

How long does the birdpen® last? How often does the pattern have to be renewed?

Generally, the marking of the birdpen® last for an almost unlimited amount of time. Unfortunately, the protective layer it will be severely damaged or entirely removed in the cleaning process of the window. Furthermore, some weather conditions can lead to damages of the protection coating or the lines can be made visible to humans to to attaching dirt. In this case, the pattern should be removed and reapplied after properly cleaning the window.

How can the pattern be removed from the window?

For the removal, damp the glass surface for example by spraying it with a normal glass cleaner. After a short period of time, you can remove the pattern with a paper towel or a sponge. Due to the high adhesion, which is necessary for weather resistance, it may happen that some marks stay behind. These can easily be removed with a glass scraper.

On how many windows can I apply the birdpen® for bird protection?

You can protect about 10 m² with one pen. That should be about 10 regular sized windows.

What is the shelf life of the birdpen®? How long does it last?

When stored cool and with cap closed, the birdpen lasts a minimum of 6 months.


What are birdsticker®?

The birdsticker® are a sticker in the form of a bird of prey. They are applied with a distance of 8 to 10 cm over the entire glass surface of the window.

How are the birdsticker® applied?

The application of the birdsticker® is easy. A user manual and a plastic scraper are included in each package.

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How long are the birdsticker® effective? How long do the birdsticker® last?

For the best results multiple birdsticker® have to be applied over the entire window. The big plus of birdsticker® is the durability. Once applied, they last for many years. Furthermore, you can still clean the glass surface with mild cleaning agents. Do not use microfiber cloths.







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